Mar 18, 2021

Dental Market Update: Chelmsford dental practice sold through Pluto Partners

Advance Dental Clinic is a highly reputable private dental practice in the heart of Essex, promoting a comfortable and relaxing environment with the latest high-tech equipment, with focus on high-quality dental treatments, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, and implantology.

Former owner Dr Andrew Moore said:

“When Max and I met it was clear that he was the right person for the job. At the time I had offers from buyers who approached me directly. He explained tome his ideas and what the process would have been and kept me updated step by step. He did what he said, in fact exceeded expectations and maximised the value by over30% more than the initial offers. A friendly and professional negotiator.

Thanks Max!”


Max Bazzucchini, Pluto Partners Founder & Partner commented:

“I’m very pleased to see that our professional relationship with dental groups like Dentex Health has once again successfully achieved a positive outcome for all involved.

Advance Dental is one of the best dental practices in the UK and it was a genuine pleasure to act for Andy Moore in the sale of Advance Dental. Pluto Partners were instructed to provide a confidential sale in the summer of 2020. We worked on a well-prepared data and sales information brochure with current and historic company information but also forecasts and financial modelling around synergies and growth as through synergies and economy of scale available businesses are worth differing amounts to different buyers.

Our detailed preparation process ensured optimum positioning of the business to maximise value and accelerate the entire selling journey.”

Pluto Partners also want to extend our congratulations to Andy, to Dentex Health on their latest acquisition, to the legal teams – Russell Abrahams of Abrahams Dresden who expertly handled the selling legal team and Niz Khatun and team at Charles Russell Speechlys – and a mention to Prav Solanki of Fresh UK who professionally supported the development and the evolution of Advance over the years. 

Pluto Partners’ expertise can help maximise the value of your dental practice, Director and Partner Max Bazzucchini is waiting to hear from you.

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Dr Dev Patel
CEO, Dental Beauty

Max is able to secure high quality practices/groups by building unique relationships with sellers. His preparation of sell side materials is one of the best in the market. Highly recommend Max and Pluto when looking to sell your business





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