The Modern-Day Dental Practice Owner
April 21, 2020
Dentistry is an old career with new tricks and has seen constant evolution as society and technology has advanced at rapid rates. With industrialisation and the rise of corporates, the numbers of dental practice owners has declined but remain incredibly important.
Why Dentists need coaching more now than ever!
October 17, 2019
For a dentist to choose to work with a coach is still a relatively new concept to UK dentistry. It really comes down to two stages when your practice is not achieving its targets - the first being acceptance and the second stage being the ability to adapt. The market is now fluctuated with people, tools and systems designed to help struggling dentists.
Winter is Coming! Is a price correction coming in the dental market?
September 20, 2019
Although Summer has passed, it is now that things are really heating up in the dental practice sales market, but I fear it may be an Indian Summer before Winter sets in.
UK Dental Forum 2019 – A Pluto Partners Insight
June 27, 2019
Members of the Pluto Partners team, Max and Segun, attended the UK Dental Forum 2019 in Marbella, Spain. Pluto’s aim for the forum was not only to strengthen existing relationships and create new ones but also to further develop our understanding of the market and its trends.
"What Next for NHS Dentistry?"
June 20, 2019
Pluto wanted to share with you some of the key talking points and findings from a very insightful evening –
"NHS Reform"
May 30, 2019
As you’re reading this, the UK is no doubt still shrouded in political uncertainty. Unsure of what the future holds causes obvious public anxiety and the government are well aware of this.