May 11, 2022

Pluto Partners Shares Winning Formula

Pluto Partners: We are a team, we win together

A spokesperson from Pluto Partners shares the secret of their business success.

Pluto Partners specialise in helping clients get the best results possible, regardless of their company’s size or location. We are always thrilled to be asked to market both major dental groups and charming little boutique dental practices – and we are delighted when we surpass our clients’ expectations.

Our company was founded in the summer of 2018 with the intention of offering the same first-class marketing service for all of our business opportunities, regardless of size or asking price.Since then, we have expanded quickly while maintaining our primary drive to offer partner-led, client-centred support. We believe that exceeding expectations and excellence comes as a standard.

Working with some of the top brands in clinical dentistry, we recently arranged some of the biggest deals in dentistry, and we also assisted single-chair dental practice owners in achieving their exit strategies. We work with both first-time purchasers and private equity firms with extensive experience.

The sky is never the limit

The broker’s secret to success, according to Max Bazzucchini, is that “At Pluto Partners we are a team, we share knowledge and we win together. A special thank you to everyone, from the accounting to the marketing departments, they are my secret weapons. I am also very fortunate to surround myself with my highly experienced partners. We force each other to continuously improve and push our own boundaries in a fun working environment.

“We discuss every single opportunity, review them from a financial and clinical perspective, debate and create new ideas on how we present them to the market to give them the best possible prospect of success. You only have one opportunity to sell your company, so you can’t afford to get it wrong. The sky is never the limit, as I always say.

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Dr Dev Patel
CEO, Dental Beauty

Max is able to secure high quality practices/groups by building unique relationships with sellers. His preparation of sell side materials is one of the best in the market. Highly recommend Max and Pluto when looking to sell your business





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