Mistakes Dentists Make In Dental Practice Management

June 22, 2021

Whether you are considering buying a dental practice, or you are selling a dental practice, understanding the reasons many dental offices fail is important. This could keep you from making the same mistakes these practices made and ensure your success and the success of your dental practice.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the most common mistakes dentists make in dental practice management:

  • Failure to Take Control of Your Office- not having full control over your dental office, and your life, could lead to many issues with both staff and patient care. Many new dentists don’t understand the management side of the business and they become overwhelmed very quickly.
  • Office Image- as a dentist, you must create an office image that instils trust, comfort, and confidence in your staff and your patients. Without a proper office image, you will find it difficult to find talented staff and patients who are already afraid of going to the dentist will stay away.
  • Underutilisation of Hi-Tech Equipment-many established dentists prefer to use dated methods and this could lead to their eventual downfall. The latest, state of the art dental equipment can save you and your staff time, money, and frustration, and it could help your business remain successful for many years to come.
  • Dated Office Environment And Décor- a dated dental office does not project a positive image. If your dental office is still using the same furniture, fixtures, and equipment that was there when you opened, it might be time for a renovation.
  • No Control of the Consultation Visit- when a new patient schedules a consultation visit, the office has a chance to make a great first impression; without that, you could lose a patient. Make sure that both you and your staff look and act professional and that you create a welcoming environment for your new patients. Emphasise the new-patient experience and win over more patients which can lead to a much more sustainable dental practice.

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