Practice Performance

Assessment of Services

Assessment of services and production of a personalised bespoke ‘Gap analysis’  which will serve as a document for both the practice and any CQC inspector. It will provide proof of a well – led practice and the analysis can be used in the future as a practice working document of change and improvement.  It fulfils the criteria of evidence based assessment. ( 1 day visit plus 1-3 days report and on line / telephone interaction depending on complexity).


Practice Performance

During your day visit we will discuss what makes the practice sellable. Specifically, we will focus on:
  1. The physical space
  2. The accounts  (3-4 years)
  3. Staff & recruitment
  4. The Practice management systems
  5. Clinical services
The report would feed into a plan for Generating sustainable growth.

Generating Sustainable Growth

Defining the plan ahead:
Getting everyone onboard

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