Dec 4, 2023

The Merchant of Essex—A Fairytale

The following is based on a true story. Names have been withheld to protect the innocent—and the guilty!

Once upon a time, in the enchanted kingdom of England, nestled in the charming county of Essex, there stood a beautiful and modern dental practice. 

This practice was a magical place where wishes came true—in the form of Essex’s finest Love Island smiles. 

In this practice toiled a wise and fair principal dentist, who thought it was about time he enjoyed some of the riches for which he’d worked so hard.

The word about this opportunity soon spread across the fair county of Essex, and it wasn’t long before a shrewd local merchant offered the principal six million gold coins to part with his practice.

Unsure of the offer’s fairness, the principal sought the counsel of Pluto Partners—the wisest dental M&A specialists in the land.

With their vast wisdom and experience, the experts at Pluto Partners examined the figures meticulously. 

Though generous, they realised that the offer was below the true worth of the practice. 

They advised him, “With the correct marketing, competitive environment, presentation, and negotiation support, you could receive more than seven million gold coins for this wondrous place.”

The merchant was angry when he heard this. Fearing the golden opportunity might slip from his grasp, he cast a spell of doubt upon the principal, urging him to pay no heed to their foolish advice.

But the specialists stood their ground, responding with integrity, “You, dear buyer, must also be honest and make a rightful offer that reflects the true value of this practice.”

Determined to find the best outcome, the wise specialists of Pluto Partners sought out other interested parties. 

To everyone’s amazement, not one, not two, but three additional offers were made—each exceeding seven million gold coins!

Ultimately, the practice was sold to a noble corporate entity for 7.8 million gold coins, an uplift of 30% from the original offer—a gain of 1.8 million gold coins for the happy principal,  who lived happily ever after.

Thus, the three morals of this tale were proven true:

Always be fair in negotiations, for honesty and integrity lead to the greatest treasures.

Never accept the first offer, as patience and diligence often unveil hidden gems.

Trust in Pluto Partners, for they always negotiate to secure the best deal for all.

To any practice owner in the realm who dreams of selling their establishment, let this tale be your guiding star. 

Contact Pluto Partners and embark on a journey to turn your aspirations into a prosperous reality, just as our wise principal did in this enchanting tale of success.

Dr Dev Patel
CEO, Dental Beauty

Max is able to secure high quality practices/groups by building unique relationships with sellers. His preparation of sell side materials is one of the best in the market. Highly recommend Max and Pluto when looking to sell your business





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