The Modern-Day Dental Practice Owner

This is an old career with new tricks and has seen constant evolution as society and technology has advanced at rapid rates. With industrialisation and the rise of corporates, the numbers of dental practice owners has declined but remain incredibly important.

At its core, a dentist’s priority is always their patients -protecting and improving their oral health. Though we are all aware that running a practice involves far more than just looking after their patient list.

In today’s times a dental practice owner can’t just be an excellent clinician. They need to wear a lot of different hats and fill a plethora of roles. Now more than ever before, a decent gauge of the changing political landscape is required.

 With Brexit done and with all the uncertainty the current situation brings, they need to be acutely aware of what changes might happen. The know-how of how to be a top manager is a must, as a practice can only be successful with a good team behind it. An ability to understand not just their patients fears but just as importantly, their own staff’s fears, as it will allow their team to feel valued which equates to better practice performance.

 If a dentist is a good employer the team will work hard to contribute to the success of the dental practice. Dentists are also constant students as they improve through CPD, extra courses and coaching or further degrees in speciality areas. Ambitious by nature they are always seeking ways to further their skill set and add more value to their patients.

 A subject that won’t spring to your mind when you think of dentistry yet it is still important for a dental practice owner, is a good understanding of law. There are a few different areas of law that they will come across whether it’s buying a new practice or employing anew staff member. A decent understanding of contract law will aid any practice owner.  

 Ultimately a practice owner is a dental entrepreneur. An entrepreneur by definition is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.Sound familiar? We thought so. At Pluto Partners we understand all these elements and when it comes to the point of selling your dental practice or expanding we are with you each step of the way.

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