"What Next for NHS Dentistry?"

June 20, 2019

Pluto wanted to share with you some of the key talking points and findings from a very insightful evening –

A survey carried out revealed:

  • 73% of dentists say the NHS needs to change, though they agreed the current model works for the government.
  • 62% were unhappy with workload of new contract. They pointed out a decrease in profitability and an increase in work hour. Many spoke of their general unhappiness with new contract.
  • 47% think NHS goodwill values will drop.
  • 80% of dentists say they will not be working in the NHS in 5 years.
  • 44% want to work as a private dentist
  • 10% retire as planned
  • 26% looking to retire earlier than planned
  • 20% looking to change profession

Current Results from Prototype Blends A & B:

  • Waiting time went from 1-2 weeks for a dental examination to 8-9 weeks
  • 15 minute appointments went to 30 minutes, so it felt more like a private service to the patient & dentist.
  • However, working hours have been extended to keep patient numbers coming in, and a significant number of patients drop out of the system because of extended appointment waiting times.

At the minute patients have the choice of visiting another practice not involved in the government Prototype Scheme and can get appointments quicker at other non-Prototype NHS practices at no additional cost.

Other Points of Interest

  1. The BDA arguing that the reform is not ready for roll out.
  2. Deprived city areas still have huge amounts of decay.
  3. More demand for hygienists and therapists.
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