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Max Bazzucchini
Director & Partner
Max completed his Business Studies course in Perugia, Italy, and is a qualified Sports Physiotherapist from St Mary’s University, Twickenham. He is a certified business valuer with a decade experience within the dental sector, beginning his career in the U.K. as a successful sales manager within the healthcare sector and later joining the ADP group in 2008 as Head of Mergers & Acquisitions. He actively helped the group to achieve acquisitions of 132 dental practices, including negotiations and deal completions of single sites and groups.
Nick Rolph
Nick’s career in Business Development has seen him experience it all, from working for Tesco and specialising in the Retail sector, to now being an expert in Dentistry & Healthcare Sales. With over 40 years of experience under his belt, Nick has held a multiple of Operational and Development roles and has repeated experiences of successful exit events, including working for ADP Holding’s, the UK’s largest NHS Dental Group at the time. Most recently, Nick’s expertise took him to a start-up company which dealt with the consolidation of regional dental groups, and he is now turning toward the brokerage site of the dental world.

Dr Pieter Claassen
Clinical Director
Pieter has done and seen it all. As a registered dentist himself, Pieter has once been the dental practice owner trying to figure out what EBITDA means! Once a foreign concept, Pieter has seen both sides of the Dental Sector - both clinical and business. Having been part of a corporate dental chain, owning a regional group and still looking to grow, Pieter is here as a support service for those looking to buy or sell a practice. If anyone is interested in hearing the dentist's point of view, Pieter is always happy to chat and advise.

Jeanette McFadzean
Business Consultant
Jeanette has had a varied career. After graduating from Belfast with a First-class degree and from University of Westminster with a distinction in M.Sc.in Cognitive science and intelligent systems, Jeanette went on to work in the city of London for merchant bank Morgan Stanley, before securing a teaching role and PhD at the Open University. She has published over 12 papers and two books and, in 2005 started a squat practice and a dental company. (Which she has since sold to a corporate buyer.) With over 15 years’ experience in the dental industry and as an accomplished and highly respected project management professional, Jeanette is looking forward to applying her skill set to drive organisational improvements and help connect buyers and sellers across the industry. 
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